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Celebrating Success at Bloom

We are thrilled to celebrate the outstanding achievements of our incredible clients who showcased their exceptional talents at Bloom over the bank holiday weekend. Their dedication, creativity, and hard work have earned them well-deserved recognition and accolades. Let’s take a moment to congratulate and highlight their fantastic successes! Boyne Garden Centre & Nursery, Slane, Co

Pension Auto-Enrolment

Pension auto-enrolment will, in all likelihood, be in place by the 01.01.2025, however, it may be subject to delay as some experts believe this timeframe to be too optimistic. It is without argument yet another cost to the employer that will be particularly felt in the SME sector already reeling from ever increasing costs of

Mileage Rates – What can you claim?

Mileage is a tax free allowance for using your personal car for business purposes and is available to directors of companies and employees. You need to keep complete records of the business journeys to claim mileage… See the attached document for more information.

Subsistence 2024

Business owners, are you aware of the level of subsistence that you may be entitled to claim? Subsistence is tax free and if you spend time out on the road conducting your business , it should not be over looked… See the attached document for more information.

Budget 2023, All you need to know.

Budget 2023 has been called the Cost of Living Budget with something for all and costing €11bn. All you need to know about how the budget will impact on you and your business is contained here in this brochure. Click here full details ……. Budget 2023

13 Week Cashflow

Constructing regular 13 week cash flows is a great way of staying in control of your business. Learn how to construct your very own cash flow with this video tutorial and download the free template here.

Rental Property & Income Tax

Rental Income is now very common in Ireland. And many landlords are not aware of the potential for a substantial tax liability on the rental income earned from their properties. Learn more by watching this video and contact Raymond on Visit the revenue commissioners website on Irish Rental Income for more details.

Meath Business Owners Network Event (MBON) 17.06.2022

I was delighted to chair the Meath Business Owners Network Event (MBON) in @Slane Castle on the 17th June 2022. A wonderful group of like minded business people. Two great speakers, Jan Carroll, Fortify Institute and Gillian Traynor, Ambit Compliance spoke about Cyber Security and GDPR issues for SME owners. County Meath business owners should

Early Bird Accounts

Having accounts prepared early rather than waiting until near your filing deadline is the best in class approach to ensuring you stay on top of your business and in control.

The value of regular stock takes

Why regular stock takes should be high on the business owners ‘To-Do List’. #business #businessowners #stock #stocktakes #smes

Tax Deadline 17th November 2021

The tax return deadline of the 17th November 2021 is fast approaching. All income tax returns for 2020 must be filed by this date and the balance of any income tax owing for 2020 paid along with preliminary tax for 2021.

SME Issues – Part IV, An interview with Minister Damien English TD

In the final part of my interview with Minister of State for Business, Employment and Retail, Damien English TD, we discussed; The fallout from Brexit, Farming Grants and some local Meath issues such as the development of the Navan Railway Line. Many thanks to Linda Murray Parliamentary Assistant to Minister English for her assistance. Contact

SME Issues – Part III, An interview with Minister Damien English TD

In the third part of my interview with Minister of State for Business, Employment and Retail, Damien English TD, we discussed; The high levels of unemployment, Incentives for employers to take on additional staff and The proposed sick pay legislation that will impact on all SME employers. Many thanks to Linda Murray Parliamentary Assistant to

SME Issues – Part II, An interview with Minister Damien English TD

In the 2nd part of the interview we discussed just how the pandemic would be paid for and the impact of the pandemic on farming. I asked Minister English for his views on the hot topic that is working from home and how SME owners were expected to finance and implement any impending legislation.

SME Issues – An interview with Minister Damien English TD

In an extensive discussion with Minister of State for Business, Employment and Retail, Damien English TD, we discussed a wide range of topics relating to Irish SMEs. The difficulties they face due to COVID, opportunities and supports available to them. In the first of four parts we discussed the recent announcements regarding COVID and their

Small Business Assistance Scheme for COVID

Applications for the Small Business Assistance Scheme for Covid OPENS TODAY 11th March, 2021.  Applications should be made to the Local Authority.  Closing date for receipt of applications is 21st April, 2021. An overview of the scheme is as follows or you can watch the video with full details here the scheme is available to

Once Upon a Pandemic, with Raymond Gibbons

I had the pleasure of talking to Yvonne Reddin, Freelance Writer, Interviewer and Content Creator about how I have been managing throughout the pandemic. Thanks Yvonne for the opportunity. This week is about finance and my guest is Raymond Gibbons ACMA Raymond shares how we can watch our finances while taking care of our businesses. Raymond said

Personal Tax Credits, Allowances & Reliefs 2021

Tax credits are a form of relief offered by the government to reduce the amount of tax you must pay. Every PAYE worker is eligible for these and is guaranteed to receive at least the Personal Tax Credit and the PAYE Tax Credit. Self employed and company proprietary directors are entitled to the Personal Tax

Prepare your business to reopen post COVID

A short video that will give the business owner some great tips and advice for reopening their business post covid. From preparing that cash flow to engaging with staff, suppliers and customers it’s all here.

The Business Owners Quiz….

It’s that time of the year and you are meeting your accountant (via Zoom no doubt). Your accountant is discussing your accounts and using terminology you might refer to as ‘Accountants Speak’. ‘Net Profit’, ‘Gross Margin’, ‘Working Capital’. They sound familiar, but do you fully understand them? Do you fully understand the terms used? Page

Business owners on Lockdown 3: ‘We are tired, fed up, worried and helpless’

We are delighted to have contributed to the Irish Times article today 11.01.2021 on how SME owners are managing through the pandemic. Our contribution is replicated below which I hope find interesting. The article in full is also available on this blog. It’s very interesting to see how various business owners are managing in these

Managing Your COVID Tax Liability

Both the COVID Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP) and the Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme (TWSS) are subject to income tax and USC and the Revenue Commissioners will be in contact regarding any tax liabilities falling due if you were in receipt of these payments. Learn more about how to manage these liabilities here.

BMS Accountants Bookkeeping Services

If you are thinking of outsourcing your bookkeeping then find out why you should choose BMS Accountants. Our fast, efficient and friendly service is delivered by trained professionals ensuring accurate and timely information at cost effective rates.

Welcome to BMS Accountants

Find out more about BMS Accountants and why we are the perfect partners for your business.

Tips For Improving Bookkeeping

Staying on top of bookkeeping is a chore for most business owners. What should be a simple and straight  forward process can become a difficult and time consuming exercise. And in the main this is down to poor  organisation and control.

Time Management

We know the importance of time and how it relates to productivity and efficiency. But how good are you at managing your time? Do you get the most out of your day or leave stressed wishing for more hours to get more done.

Credit Control Policy

The size of the business, the sector it operates in, company or sole trader, it doesn’t matter. All business owners and managers should design and implement a robust credit control policy.

Early Accounts

The advantages of preparing your accounts early are many. But most people running businesses be it sole trader or company, tend to put off having their accounts and tax returns prepared until autumn.

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