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About BMS

BMS Accountants Ltd was established in 2009 by Raymond Gibbons, a Chartered Management Accountant, with over 10 years senior management experience with leading Irish owned SMEs in the manufacturing, retail, services and IT sectors.

Our experiences working with SMEs means we are able to identify and focus in quickly on the core issues concerning our clients. Our clients demand a dependable, quality and responsive service that meets their needs. We aim to deliver.


Our Core Values

Reliable, friendly & professional service that is responsive, flexible & committed to our client needs


Don't delay, put BMS to the test. Contact us today and see why we have a retention rate of 95% when it comes to keeping clients.

Business Support

  • Early Accounts

    The advantages of preparing your accounts early are many. But most people running businesses be it sole trader or company, tend to put off having their accounts and tax returns prepared until autumn.

    October 19, 2020
  • Credit Control Policy

    The size of the business, the sector it operates in, company or sole trader, it doesn’t matter. All business owners and managers should design and implement a robust credit control policy.

    October 19, 2020
  • Time Management

    We know the importance of time and how it relates to productivity and efficiency. But how good are you at managing your time? Do you get the most out of your day or leave stressed wishing for more hours to get more done.

    October 19, 2020
  • Tips For Improving Bookkeeping

    Staying on top of bookkeeping is a chore for most business owners. What should be a simple and straight  forward process can become a difficult and time consuming exercise. And in the main this is down to poor  organisation and control.

    October 19, 2020

What Our Clients Say

“BMS have brought much-needed structure to our business and provide us with excellent services that consistently add value to our business. BMS provide great support allowing me to focus on critical business issues.”

Gerry Murphy
MD, Pets & More Ltd.

“We’re delighted we moved our business to BMS in 2011. BMS don’t just balance the books, they pro-actively assist us with managing all financial aspects of our business, are regularly available to answer any business or financial queries we have and their business bulletins provide fantastic practical business advice that we have found most beneficial.”

Paul Fagan
RCDD, ITS Communication Solutions Ltd.

“We have been working with BMS Accountants for 6 years. They are truly an excellent team who work together to provide us with honest accurate and professional advice in all aspects of our growing business. In recent years Raymond and his colleagues have become an indispensable part of our business dealings. We are extremely fortunate to have chosen an accounting practice with a responsive, flexible and customer friendly ethos that matches our ever changing needs. In essence, Raymond and the BMS team are “critical” to our continued stability and future expansion.”

Laurence Connolly BSc. MSc. Eng.
Technical Director, Lumitech Ltd.
BMS Office