Training & Mentoring Services

Raymond Gibbons ACMA has provided a wide range of mentoring and training to business owners on behalf of the Meath County Enterprise Board, Kildare County Enterprise Board and MCA Consulting.

Raymond has extensive experience in a variety of industries including, retail, manufacturing and the services sector. He has worked at senior management level for over 10 years and has been involved in the major restructuring of a number of organisations.

Raymond’s experiences with SME’s means he has devised a range of short training courses specifically for the small to medium enterprise. These practical training courses are a cost-effective way of ensuring your team have up to date skills that will add value to your business.

Training courses

  1. Performance ManagementDesigned for business owners and managers this course demonstrates the importance of measuring performance in an organisation. Participants are given advice on key financial and non-financial metrics to be measured that are relevant to their organisation.Financial budgets will also be gone through in detail and templates provided for constructing annual budgets.
  2. Cash Flow ManagementThis half day course covers all aspects of cash flow management giving participants a thorough understanding of working capital, how to manage cash inflows, outflows and how to construct a rolling 13 week cash flow.The course also provides a blue print for a robust credit control policy aimed at reducing debtor days and minimising the risk of bad debts.
  3. Strategic PlanningThis course follows the BMS 5 step approach to completing and implementing a strategic business plan. Raymond facilitates the process by providing up to 5 training sessions on how to complete and implement a strategic business plan.Raymond then monitors the implementation of the plan with regular follow up meetings with management and staff, providing assistance and advice as required.
  4. Sales & MarketingThis day long course is designed for SME’s with limited resources in the area of sales and marketing. Offering practical advice on how to construct a marketing plan and improve sales, owner managers should feel invigorated and armed with new techniques to maximise sales and grow margin.
  5. Understanding Costs & RevenuesThe relationship between costs and revenues is critical in understanding how your business is performing. Understanding how to calculate gross margin, the difference between fixed and variable costs, how to set your sales price and to calculate your break-even point are only some of the topics covered in this course.The real focus of this course is on adding value to a business by understanding the relationship between costs and revenues.
  6. Time ManagementThis practical day long course is designed for SME owners and their staff. The focus is on understanding where you spend your time and the setting and prioritising of goals to get the most return for your time.Complete with practical examples and advice this course helps relieve stress and allows participants regain control over their working day.

“BMS have brought much-needed structure to our business and provide us with excellent services that consistently add value to our business. BMS provide great support allowing me to focus on critical business issues.”

Gerry Murphy
MD, Pets & More Ltd.

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