About BMS

BMS Accountants Ltd was established in 2009 by Raymond Gibbons, a Chartered Management Accountant, with over 10 years senior management experience with leading Irish owned SME's in the manufacturing, retail, services and IT sectors.

Our experiences working with SME's means we are able to identify and focus in quickly on the core issues concerning our clients. Our clients demand a dependable, quality and responsive service that meets their needs. We aim to deliver.

We have quickly established ourselves as a viable alternative for clients by offering SME owners critical core services and practical, relevant business advice. At BMS we have earned a reputation for being accountants that you can depend on.

Our approach is to build meaningful relationships with our clients, to get to understand their businesses and to respond promptly to their questions.

One of our unique selling points is in providing management accounting services to SME's that are not in a position to recruit a full-time professional accountant.

Our Mission

To provide professional accounting, management and training services to SME's at affordable prices while ensuring our services at all times are focused on adding value to our clients.

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